Staffing And Placement

Best-in-class IT/Software candidates: through early job evaluation, job-skills determination and pre-technical-interview by ITSOL’s experts.

  • Service types: Contract Staffing/Staff Augmentation, Permanent Staffing, Professional Staffing
  • Jobs/Roles: DEV, TESTER, PM, BA, BrSE, Japanese COMTOR, Consultant…
  • Job Ranks: From 1 (Junior) –> 4 (Expert/Senior)
  • Technical Skillsets: COBOL, Java, .NET, C/C++, Android, iOS, PHP…

IT/Software Outsourcing

250+ experts on board, over 50% are Seniors/Leads DEV, Mobile DEV, Testing Specialists, PM, BA, SA, BrSE.

  • Outsourced Software Product Development/Testing/Maintenance
  • Outsourced Development/R&D Center
  • Outsourced Vietnam Offshore Development/R&D Center

IT Consulting

Proven solutions for Web/Enterprise/Mobile applications design and development, in Banking/E-Commerce/Mobile/IoT…verticals

  • Enterprise Application Design & Development
  • Web Design and Application
  • Mobile Design & Application
  • Core/E-Banking, Mobile Banking
  • E-Commerce Application
  • IoT Design & Application
why choose us

Why Choose ITSOL

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The only 3-in-1 services

The only 3-in-1 services provider in Vietnam: Leveraging 3 services provided by ITSOL helps clients to quickly obtain the best solution for products/services design and development, while maintaining optimum staff levels, focusing on retaining the existing talent and being flexible on employee-related cost optimization.

Professional services

- Staffing various roles and skillsets: DEV, TESTER, PM, BA, BrSE, Japanese COMTOR, SA…for C/C++/.NET/Java/COBOL/ PHP/Android/iOS…based skillsets
- Best-in-class IT/Software candidates: by early job evaluation, job-skills determination and pre-technical-interview by ITSOL’s experts.
- Highly committed to a recruitment/staffing plan that works, fast turn-around
- Pool of 250+ software engineers, 60K-candidate IT talelent database


Flexible engagement models for IT Outsourcing Services: Fixed price, T&M, BOT, Cost +, ODC…

Proven solutions

Proven solutions, Hand-on/In-depth/result-oriented consulting capability by 15+ years Solution Architects, Designers, SMEs for Web/Enterprise/Mobile/IoT application design and development, in Banking/E-Commerce/Mobile…verticals


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